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Key mapped drive Pro1 Driver
Date: 2014/4/1 20:57:25
Address: Adrees One Adress Two



2.打开wamo key,选择硬件模式


4.选择输入法“Wamo key IME”并返回退出即可

On the part of HTC type cannot be perfect support to improve driving Pro1 Driver
Date: 2014/4/1 20:56:48
Address: Adrees One Adress Two
We need to thank “gotia2003”, he brought us the following drive to solve some HTC type adaptation problem 。
Download it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2187309&d=1376444438

But you need to install this one too: https://android-bluez-ime.googlecode.com/files/BluezIME-HIDEnabler.apk

It only works in gamepad mode (X + home)
Details about the change can be found here: http://www.infinityreviews.com/2013/08/bluez-ime-support-wamo-pro-drive.html

Wamo control drive for china Pro2 Driver
Date: 2014/4/17 20:40:01
Address: Adrees One Adress Two

The APK is use on the Wamopro1 or Wamopro2.

Connection method is APP model(Y+HOME).

The old users need delete local folder:Bitgames_BOX_TV

Games control for English0401 Pro2 Driver
Date: 2014/4/17 20:40:31
Address: Adrees One Adress Two
· Please use the Y+Home mode boot Wamo Pro

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